Alyson Hallet - The Stone Library
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Alyson Hallet - The Stone Library
The Stone Library
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Alyson Hallet - The Stone Library


The stone has been fixed in place with concrete mixed with water from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. To welcome it into its new habitat people were invited to bring offerings that reflected their own experience of migration and movement across the world.



We walked through the woods at twilight and I read poems at various points along the way. I had secretly arranged for a musician to play Spanish bagpipes by the stone and as we walked deeper into the woods, the strange and lilting sound of the pipes began to filter through the trees.



When we arrived at the stone I read more poems and we made offerings to celebrate the journey the stone had made from the belly of the earth in North Wales to this plot of mud in Bristol. As the sun was falling we followed the piper back along the path; leaves blackened by the onset of night, our hearts alight with the scent of the land, the chatter of voices, the patterning steps of our travels.