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Alyson Hallet - The Stone Library



Migrating glass continues my conversation with the land through the medium of glass. This aspect of the project focuses more upon memory; how people remember places and how places in turn remember people. I have etched a short poem into a block of cast lead-crystal glass. I carry this block to different places around the country and photograph it in different locations, at different times and in different weathers. It is becoming a visual diary of movement, light and memory.



"Glass is the key to the exploration of our world. It was through glass that Galileo explored the solar system; It was a glass prism that gave Newton the spectrum. As the manufacture of glass is the seventeenth centuary advanced so did discovery. Grinding of lenses. Magnifying glass. Glass spectacles. Lustrous, hard and brittle."

Derek Jarman, Chroma




"Glass: a liquid solid made of sand that possessed a movement so slow, you'd have to be alive for hundreds of years to see it happen."

Alyson Hallett


Marsland Vale, Devon
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