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Alyson Hallet - The Stone Library


In September 2004 I travelled to the United States carrying a 23 kilogramme piece of limestone with the words And stones moved silently across the world carved into it. Before flying I sought permission from the American Embassy as I did not want them to open up my case, find a mysterious object and then destroy it just to be sure that it was safe. The Embassy very promptly informed me that it was fine to bring a stone into the country as long as there was no mud upon it.

We arrived intact and the stone was placed in the meditation room at the retreat centre for a few days. We then invited a group of people to come to a welcoming ceremony where poems were read and stories told before I carried the stone outside and set it down in its new resting place.

To complete the ceremony we took it in turns to sprikle the stone with water that I had collected from a mountain stream the day before.


"The circle is but an unexamined luminous symbol whose meaning is intuitively sensed, not consciously interpreted…"
p178, Touch The Earth, Compiled by T.C. McLuhen

Inside this suede parcel is a piece of marble from the isle of Iona. It is now resident in the Gila wilderness, New Mexico, thanks to the kind and generous co-operation of my friend, Marion Van Ecyk McKane.

Whilst on retreat at EMRC I dreamed the name of the next place that I need to take a stone to. This place is Koonawarra. It is in Australia and when I looked up the meaning of the name I discovered the following: a high point of land with smooth, round stones. This next journey is currently in the planning stages, but if anyone can be of any help regarding where the stone might go and how I might begin to approach taking a stone to the other side of the world then please contact me.